Add your Opt-In Forms in These 10 Strategic Places and Triple Your Sign-Ups

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Add your Opt-In Forms in These 10 Strategic Places and Triple Your Sign-Ups

It’s really no news that every site needs and has an opt-in form, because it’s simply a great way to capture visitor’s information. And the major reason we all want that information is to keep providing them with interesting content and to further grow a long lasting relationship with them. But to effectively do that we first need to collect their name and e-mail address. This is where the opt-in form is highly recommended.


The big question though is how do we capture their attention without pissing them off? Because it has become obvious that the standard way of placing opt-ins form doesn’t work as it used to before. A lot of readers now learn to ignore the forms since every blogger is placing theirs in the same spot. It’s  time to put your thinking cap on and get the most of your readers, in this case making sure they sign up for more interesting contents from you in the future. Below we’ve put together ten really strategic places to place your opt-in on your site to help you gain more subscribers.


1- On a “welcome mat”:


A welcome mat acts as a landing page or a squeeze that rolls down to welcome visitors to your site. This works well to eliminate potential distraction for the readers while they’re engrossed in the article. A welcome mat invites the visitors to sign-up for a social capture tools sheet when they land on your site. And if they are not interested in the offer they can as well scroll down or click the arrow or click “no thanks” and the article will reappear. Mind you this is no way like a pop-up and did we mention that it’s free? Well, it is.



2- On your About Page:


Seriously overlooked but your about page can be a great place for your opt-in form. Although “contact us” is used as a call to action there but what stops you from adding your sign up form as another option? Instead of risking your visitor leave without completing any call to action. You didn’t work hard on the page for nothing. Share what your page is about, what inspires you and in turn, they’ll be more likely to share theirs with you, even if only to know more.



3- Under Your post and Above your Blog Footer:  


These two work hand in hand. If a visitor in your site spends time to read your post from beginning to the end then they’re likely interested in more information on that particular subject and who’s better more qualified than you to deliver. The same goes for your blog footer, if they get to the end of the page they’re definitely interested in what you’re offering, so grab the opportunity and offer them the option of subscribing to your mailing list at the bottom of your post or page. This can be in the form as a “feature box”.



4- Under your Headline:


Your headlines are by far the most audience captivators on your post. The reason being that it is the first thing your audience see when they open your post, it draws their attention. And through your headline, a visitor may decide to read your post or not to. So it’s advisable to keep your headline pretty interesting and right underneath it place your opt-in. Bottom line is once you’ve captured their attention the next thing is to give them an option of subscribing to your email list.



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5- In Your all New Improved Sidebar:


This is one of the most obvious places for bloggers, but what if you can change the game up a bit from the boring sidebar that everyone else is using? Customize your sidebar according to the particular article the visitor is reading. A revamped sidebar with an option to subscribing to your email list, strictly targeted at visitors who are interested in that particular article.



6- Content Upgrade (Within the post):


Like the names implies, a content upgrade is an upgrade or premium content directly related to the particular content your visitor is reading at that point. This is when a blogger creates an upgraded content or follow up to a blog post and offers to deliver it via email. This is very effective in helping you grow your list because you strategically place it at a point when the article is getting interesting. So when they click on the content upgrade it will show them a lead box asking for their email so the upgrade can be delivered to their mailbox. If they’re interested in the article they’ll definitely provide their info



7- Just Below Your Comment Form:


The fact that they got to the comment form is a good sign. It means they’re interested in your content enough to want to leave a comment. And even though they left their email before commenting you still need their permission before bombarding them with your contents. Let them make the choice for themselves by giving them the option just below the comment form.


8- On Your Free Download:


If you’re offering any free content for download on your site e.g. books, reports or maybe video tutorials then you should have your visitors subscribe to your mailing list in order to receive it. People absolutely love free stuff and they’ll jump at the opportunity to enter their information in exchange for something they perceive as free valuable content.



9- On a Sign-up Page:


Have you considered creating a landing page specially for email sign-ups? On the page, you could include a brief description of what your subscribers stand to gain if they signed up. A sign-up page is a way to convert undecided visitors, putting forth your strong points when they absolutely need to subscribe to your awesome blog.



10- An Exit-intent Pop Up:


This is another way of making one last attempt before they exit your site. An exit-intent popup detects when a visitor is about to leave your site and your sign up form quickly pops up giving them one last chance to sign up before leaving. You’d be amazed how effective this style is.

By knowing where and when to present your signup offer, you can double if not triple your email subscribers but the most important thing to keep in mind while looking for the best places to incorporate your opt-in forms is to make sure you’ve made the best decision. And once you know or have decided which is best, go further to test it against another. This ensures you decide on the most effective choices. You don’t want to annoy your readers.

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