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Get Paid For Sending Clients 
To TextBullet!

Join our affiliate program for FREE. On each new customer you refer to us, you get a 30% lifetime commission on all their purchases!

1- Our client’s behavior

People who buy from us need their websites/blogs updated regularly

Our average client buys services for 12-18 months. That means you get commissions for over a year.

Our average client spends $180 on content every month. Which means an average $54 commission (30%) for you every month

2- Let’s do the math!

If you send us 20 sign ups, you will get:

$54 x 20 =

$1080/month for over a year!

affiliate program mechanics

Client lifetime payouts.

Lifetime cookie for affiliates.

30% payout on all transactions.

Payout starts once you’ve earned $100.

Payout is released every 30 days.

We payout directly via PayPal or Check.


Easily track your earnings!

Here’s what your affiliate dashboard looks like:

Any Questions?

How Can I Promote TextBullet?

When you partner with us we’ll give you an affiliate link in order to promote our services.

How Is Payment Handled?

We keep track of payments from your affiliate link, and pay out 30% each month.

How Do I Set Up An Account?

It’s simple, sign up to get an affiliate account & start earning money as our partners.