How often should you post on your blog?

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How often should you post on your blog?

How often should you post on your blog is like trying to define the length of a piece of string!  It is one of those questions that has no good answer, but we will look at some of the factors that may influence this decision.



Cut out the stress


How often should you post on your blog



Stressing about how often to write a blog can destroy any pleasure that you will get from it. The constant concern around writing new content and posting it to the web is one of the major causes of the collapse of promising blogs. 


The first thing that you should consider, when drawing up your proposal for a blog, is to decide how much time you can personally devote to your writing. We all have different constraints on our time.  The old adage of quality and not quantity applies, so be realistic. If you can produce a good quality article once a week, then develop the self-discipline to produce that one good article on a regular basis. Then your readers know that every Monday or Thursday, there will be fresh new content for them to enjoy.  



Type of blog


How often should you post on your blog



This can have a considerable effect on how often should you post on your blog. 


Take, for instance, a celebrity news blog. The writer needs to update this regularly and probably more than once per day as the news about the rich and famous needs to be current, and if you are first with the news then that is a real coup!


Contrast that with a gardening or DIY blog.  The number and frequency of updates to a blog of this nature may well be driven by the seasons with spring and summer garnering many posts, autumn a few less and winter practically nothing.


Again, if your blog is informative, you could write once a month and still have an avid following. 



When are your readers looking for information?


How often should you post on your blog



Understanding your readers is also an important consideration in how often should you post on your blog. If we refer to our example above, those that follow the rich and famous will look for information several times a day and especially when something exciting happens. If you are going to write once a week, your following is not going to be great as you are bound to be giving them old news.


In contrast, our DIY blogger can write once a week or even once a month with an exciting new project, and find that his or her following grows by leaps and bounds.


Understanding what you are offering and when people are likely to look for it, is vital to ensuring that you post to catch their attention.


There are several means of tracking your following. By using this analytics you can calculate those posts that have had the most effect and when they were seen. This will allow you to build up a picture of your visitors and you can start to post to maximize your following.



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Surely more is better?


How often should you post on your blog



There are many hundreds of blogs on the net. You need to ensure that your blog stands out from the crowd. Readers are becoming very discerning and tend to discard sites that are poorly constructed and where the content is poorly written, grammatically incorrect and the spelling is not checked. 


How often should you post on your blog, does not mean rushing out to put anything up in the hopes that readers will come. They will not or if they do they will leave just as quickly if your content is not well thought out and well written. Understandably, to the new blogger, it is very disheartening to spend time crafting an article and then find that no-one reads it. Remember the promotion of your blog is every bit as important as writing the content.



SEO Benefits?



It is true that, from a statistical standpoint, the more pages you have, the greater the number of opportunities for someone to find your blog, and there are SEO benefits to having a lot of posts on your site. Search engines are not driven only by keywords, and you need to promote your blog in as many places as you can to gain rank in search engines.    


Whilst many search engines do favor new content over old, poor quality content will never rise to the top of any search engine. Your best bet is still to ensure that everything written on your blog is the best quality you can manage. And that you promote it as much as you can. Link backs and shares will do you no harm when it comes to ranking in a search engine.


Variety is the spice of life


How often should you post on your blog



It is not necessary for you to have to write everything yourself. There are some options available to try and get a variety of content into your blog : 





How often should you post on your blog



The judicious use of photographs can make a huge difference to the amount of text that you need to produce a blog entry. Try asking your readers for photographs that you can put into a feature article. Examples could be to ask for selfies of your readers with celebrities and then write an article around that. You could ask readers to send photographs of DIY projects they have done and write around those. All these tricks can help you to put out a good quality article when you are pressed for time.





Again, the posting of a video can be a great alternative to your actual writing if your blog lends itself to this type of entry. Make sure you watch the video before you put it up on your site so that you avoid embarrassing accidents.


Guest Writing


How often should you post on your blog


This is a means to get your name out on the web. If you write guest pieces for well-known blogs and they are published you get your name out there, which will, in turn, draw readers to your own personal blog. This does not happen overnight, and you will have to persevere to ensure that your articles are accepted.


The reverse is also true. If you are getting published on a well-known site, ask for permission to link back to your blog. Great for exposure and assists with search engine ratings.



So we come back to our initial question of how often should you post on your blog? As you can see, there is no definitive answer to this. You must do what you are comfortable with, what you can cope with, be reliable and never sacrifice quality for quantity.

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