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how to get advertisers on your blog

How to get advertisers on your blog

A common means of getting a regular revenue stream from your blog is to attract advertisers to use space on your blog to advertise their products. This sounds like all you need to do is provide the space and then sit back and allow the dollars to roll in. But it is not quite as simple as that. Getting advertisers on your blog needs careful planning and quite a lot of work before you can attract anyone to your site. So How to get advertisers on your blog effectively?


Plan your site from the beginning to have advertisers



ad space on blog



It makes sense to plan for advertising when designing your blog pages. Do not leave this stage out and create killer blog pages, only to try carving them up later to find space for your advertising. When creating a plan for your site decide where the advertising will go and put in placeholders. You can use these spaces to start with and fill them with interesting snippets of your own, but the spaces will fit in with the overall design. you want to avoid them looking as if they were stuck in as an afterthought.


Advertisers want the best for the money they spend and will not want to be tucked into a corner or squeezed into a tiny space down one side. Project a professional image and have these spaces ready up front.


Make sure you have enough traffic to your site



good amount of blog traffic



Advertisers, no matter individual or agencies, will not advertise on a site that has a poor number of regular visitors. In this case, size does matter, and the size of your traffic throughput is important. You will be looking for at least 10,000 visits per month to attract advertisers, that will give you the benefit of a reliable revenue stream. Ensure you have a reputable means of determining your traffic throughput as advertisers will want to see the statistics.


Get your proposals down pat



negociating with blog advertisers



When you approach an advertiser, they will want to know what you can do for them. Do you have something that will differentiate you from other blogs in the same niche?


Draw up a proposal so when you approach a company to advertise you have it ready for them. Also, ensure that you have any costs ready.


What is the market prepared to bear? What do you want to charge for your advertising? These are important questions and you must have your response ready.


Where to start?



where to start with blog advertising



There are two rather simple things you can do at the beginning. Take one of your placeholders and put in a nice big brightly colored advert saying, “advertise in this space”. Prospective advertisers are also visitors to your site so make use of the opportunity to attract them.


The other option is to send an e-mail to everyone on your mailing or RSS list (you should by this time have one!) asking for people to advertise or for people to let you have the names of prospective advertisers.



Visit the most popular blogs in the niche you are in




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Get Started


take competitors advertisers



Part of your strategy should have been to regularly look at the other leading blogs in your niche. Take note of the advertisers on these pages and find out what agencies, if any, they use. Go directly to these advertisers and ask them if they would like to advertise on your site.



Ever thought of using an Ad Network?



using an ad network for your blog



There are several advertisers’ networks on the web, with Google AdWords and Google Ad Sense being the largest and most popular. These networks connect advertisers and sites. Once you are a ratified member of the network you will get adverts to place on your blog.


Payment for these adverts is usually in the form of a payment per:


– click


– sale


– number of times the advert is displayed on your site.


The last option requires the least from your viewers and is the easiest for you to get paid, providing your traffic is maintained at a high rate. The payment per click is the most difficult from which to get revenue as it depends on your viewers purchasing something.


These may be a good place to start attracting advertisers to your blog.


Move on to Affiliate Programs & Networks



affiliate network for bloggers



Affiliate programs work by a merchant placing an advertisement on a bloggers site. Each visitor to the site, that follows the link to the merchant’s site and performs some form of action on the merchant’s site, will earn the affiliate a monetary reward.


Affiliate networks, such as LinkShare, Amazon Junction, Google Affiliate Network, and Commission Junction, fulfill this function. They act as a middleman and administer the affiliate programs on behalf of the merchants.


This removes the administrative burden from the merchant, and at the same time the network will provide the affiliate with details of the revenue from all their adverts. This will allow you to understand which of your revenue streams is providing the best returns.


Do your homework on the affiliate program and the rewards can be substantial.


It makes sense to have a page of your blog dedicated to advertising information. Details of your traffic statistics, the method of payment for adverts, your rates, an easy one-click means of contacting you and a short description of the niche your blog falls within.


As with anything, your blog is your brand! Remember this as it is important. Advertisers will follow a blog that is professionally run, has gravitas, has a social media presence and has a brand that distinguishes it from other blogs in the niche.


You want the advertising company to go directly to your blog with a new product to advertise as your brand is well known on the airwaves. Protect your blog brand jealously and enhance it at every opportunity. Doing this will definitely draw advertisers to your site.



As you can see, attracting advertisers to your blog is not a simple task. You must do your research and ensure that you provide value for money.


As with most things, trying to fix something when it has gone wrong is much more difficult than doing it right the first time. Do not dive into this until you have done your homework. If you are ready, getting advertisers on your blog can certainly ensure your blog financially supports itself and then pays you a salary.

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