My Blog is dead quiet – Top 10 tips on how to get traffic for your blog

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My Blog is dead quiet – Top 10 tips on how to get traffic for your blog

Writing a blog is a relatively simple thing to do; writing a blog that attracts thousands of readers is much, much more difficult. Whilst there are many types of blog, those who write simply for the pleasure of sharing with others, those who wish to make money from their on-line postings and those who are supporting an organization. All of you have one thing in common; you would like to attract as many visitors to your site as possible because, after all, we want to share.


There are many ways on how to get traffic to your blog and what works for one blog many not necessarily work for every blog, so look at our tips on how to get traffic for your blog and choose those that work for you.


1- Develop a killer site


There is no substitute for a beautifully designed site when trying to decide how to get traffic to your blog.  No amount of outstanding content is going to attract readers if your site is poorly designed, slow, uninteresting or confusing.  Like almost anything you do preparation of 90% of the job.  Spend time to make sure that your site is an attractive place to visit, and people will want to come in and say hello.


2- Understand your niche and audience


This sounds like common sense, but it is imperative that you understand the niche that you are writing within and that you understand the target audience. 


If you are responsible for a company blog, trying to write product descriptions and keep it all fascinating and informative can be very difficult.  You must try to find a new and fresh approach to the particular subject matter. If you are stumped, then get a guest blogger to write on your behalf or approach a freelance site and see if you can attract someone to write on your behalf. A fresh set of eyes and a new consciousness may well make the difference.


Not only must you understand the niche, but you must also understand your audience. For example, it is pointless to send blog posts on pregnancy and baby care to young bachelors.    


Write in a manner and style that will appeal to the target audience. Mature readers will not thank you for using slang language and never assume that your readers will understand your technical jargon. Ensure jargon is properly explained.


3- Write great content


This, like a great site, is common sense. Poorly written content, bad grammar, poor spelling, stock photographs are all content killers. Writing great content is the bait that will attract readers and make them return time and again. Content should be relevant to the audience you are trying to attract; it should be helpful, personal, detailed and most of all unique. Your ability to write top class blogs will develop over time and like any skill it must be exercised to improve.


The comments section of blogs are a veritable gold mine of information and are a potent indicator of what people want to see. When working out how to get traffic to your blog, make a point of reading the comments and add your own if you feel confident enough to do so. Remember grandma’s saying if you have nothing good to say about someone keep your mouth shut, well it applies here as well. Don’t try to be smart or sarcastic; it will win you no friends.


4- Guest Post on other popular blogs


One of the easiest ways of getting your name recognized is to write a guest piece on a blog that is bigger, traffic wise, than your own. Exposure on a blog that has a loyal and dedicated following will polish your name immeasurably.  When writing to the owner of an extremely busy site don’t ramble on in your e-mail, write a short, succinct introduction to yourself, what other pieces you have written and what you can write for them.  In this way, there is less chance that your e-mail will be consigned to the trash without being read. 


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If you get the opportunity to write a guest piece treat it as the biggest marketing opportunity, you will ever get. The readers that access your guest piece may well visit your blog and become part of your mailing list. Put every effort into making it the best piece of writing that you have ever produced and understand that this is one of the ways of how to get traffic to your blog.


5- Don’t forget to make your blog SEO friendly


Search engines are a great way of how to get traffic to your blog and whilst they do not rely solely on keywords it is still worth ensuring your blog, especially when getting your feet on the ground, is SEO friendly. Google hosts billions of searches every day, and it is foolhardy to ignore this when starting out. 


Do not forget to use synonyms for your SEO content. Search engines will return results based upon the keyword but will also include results based on synonyms of the keyword.


6- Social Media Savvy is a must


Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and any other social media platform to which you have access. Collectively these platforms reach millions of potential readers so share your posts and those of other bloggers that you respect. No-one needs to be told how quickly items get shared and copied around the world so get your blogs out there. Interact fully with the community you build on any of the social networks. Search using hashtags and join the conversations.


7- Understand your Analytics


You will need some form of an analytical package that will help you understand the traffic coming to your site. Google Analytics is free and is a good place to start. Take the time to study your analytics reports focussing on where your traffic is coming from and try to maximize those ports. If you find you are getting many readers from Facebook or LinkedIn, then focus your attention there as you try to break into other areas.  Build on your strengths whilst trying to improve your weaknesses.


8- Use Sharing Communities


Sites such as StumbleUpon and Reddit can be important tools in your fight for readers. Understand the requirements for each site; they are all different, but as for any social media type of platform, you must participate in the community to gain participation back to your site. Don’t think that you can leave a link to your site and not participate fully. This may lead to an unfortunate backlash from the community so get involved.


Not only can these communities bring readers to your site, but it is also interesting to see what blogs are causing ripples within the community.  This may well spark an idea for your own site and lead to new ideas for posts.


9- Enable your e-mail and use it


Make sure you have a simple means of readers leaving you an e-mail address and then make sure you correspond with them on a regular basis. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and many people will visit your site, intending to return, but life interferes, and they don’t come back. You don’t want to lose any of your readers so make it easy for them to be kept in the loop. 


10- Be reliable


If you intend to post a new blog each week, be self-disciplined and produce that blog each week. Nothing attracts readers more than reliability. If they are going to make an effort to visit your site on a regular basis, make sure you have provided the new content that they have come to read.


At the end of the day, the best way to drive traffic to your blog is through its content. Underpinning every hook that you can use to attract readers to your site if you do not have good, well-written content, they will not stay. Worry less about traffic at the start and worry more about fresh, exciting content. 

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