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how to promote your blog on stumbleupon

How to promote your blog on StumbleUpon ?

Getting people to our sites is not an easy task as there are many thousands of blogs spread over the airwaves. Somehow we need to attract people to our blog, and importantly keep them coming back. One of the tools that is useful to get visitors to your blog is StumbleUpon. So how to promote your blog on StumbleUpon ?


What is StumbleUpon?




StumbleUpon is a social networking site that facilitates the sharing of websites.  These sites match a list of specified interests that you have and are recommendations by other users of StumbleUpon. 


When you register for the service (done for free!) you get a toolbar to install in your browser.  Click the ‘Stumble’ button on your browser, and you will see a selection of websites.  These are sites that have been “stumbled” upon by other users. 


The selection done by StumbleUpon is done using tags appended by other users.  In turn, if you go to a site and you like it, then you acknowledge that fact and StumbleUpon will record the like. 


If it is the first time that anyone has liked a site, a pop-up box will appear.  StumbleUpon will ask for a review and the tags that define the site for other users. 


Once discovered or ‘stumbled upon’, your site will be available to other users.  The more times they click the “I Like it!” button the better for you.


Understand the Traffic from StumbleUpon




StumbleUpon is a magnificent way to waste time and it is as addictive as channel surfing on television.


Understanding that the traffic from this source will be the ‘channel surfing’ type.  You must find the bait to get the surfer to stop and pay attention, thus encouraging them to hit the “I Like it!” button. 


Do not expect that this type of traffic will click on your adverts.  This is not why they are here!


The clickers are also unlikely to be of similar backgrounds.  This means you are getting quantity and not quality but do not discard everything.  Within the screeds of traffic may well be the nuggets that have the potential to transform into high-quality traffic.  


How do I keep the ‘Quality’ traffic?




Now that you understand that most of the traffic coming from StumbleUpon will be transient, how can you make your site that one that comes up trumps? 


Nothing can ever beat good design. No matter what tools you use to try and draw traffic to your site, good old fashioned design is vital. Attract these channel surfing clickers with a professionally designed site and make sure you have that one WOW factor. 


Ensure your content is well written and of interest to the reader:


    – Short, punchy paragraphs, 

    – Easy to read text, 

    – Amazing graphics, 


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    – Good photographs, 

    – A little humor 


These are all facets of a blog that will make channel surfing clickers stop.  They will say, ‘now here is something I want to look at,” and click the “I Like it!” button. Each click of this button raises your site’s importance on StumbleUpon.


Advertising on your site




Watch the amount of advertising that you put onto your site. Advertising pays the bills, and we all understand that, but try to limit it and where it appears on your site.


Do not swamp your content with advertising.  Your popularity on sites such as StumbleUpon will fall.  Also, your advertisers will start to desert you as they will not be getting a click through from you.


Capture the clickers!




Accept that the average channel surfing clicker will not remember your site once they pass on. You must try to capture their interest so grab them through a subscription or RSS feed. In this way you can tempt them back to your site, time and again, and encourage that elusive click of the “I Like it!” button.


Get family and friends involved.




StumbleUpon does not publish how they rank the sites within their system.  It does not mean that it is difficult to work out that the more clickers you persuade to hit that “I Like it!” button, the higher your rank will be in StumbleUpon. 


Get your family and friends to all register with StumbleUpon and ‘like’ your site. Seeding your site in this manner will give you a leg up and start to get you noticed.


Invest time in your StumbleUpon Network



Take your network on StumbleUpon seriously! When you register and log in to StumbleUpon you will be given a list of suggested ‘friends’.  

StumbleUpon draws the friends from the members on the site that have the same interests as you.


These friends are more likely to “stumble” onto your site than just waiting for that random chance. Use that network and go to your suggested friends sites and give them a “Like”.  


After all, this is a community and members of a community support one another. 


Don’t go the selfish route and simply support your own site, they will notice and you will gain few supporters. 


The more you train StumbleUpon to recognize your interests the more places you can “Like”.  That will, in turn, draw more people with similar interests to that site thus increasing the potential traffic to your site.


StumbleUpon tools and Buttons




You can use the StumbleUpon tools and buttons and place them in strategic places on your blog.  This will encourage more of your readers to give you a recommendation. Failing all this there is a paid option that you can use.


Irrespective of the tools that you use to attract eyes to your site, nothing will work if your site is not an attractive place to visit. Spend time and money ensuring that the skeleton of your site is sound and well designed and then hang the decorations on that sound skeleton.


Now you know how to promote your blog on StumbleUpon, yet StumbleUpon is just a tool.  It has the potential to attract visitors to your site, but only the site itself has the ability to keep those visitors.

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