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Let us write the perfect content that creates value for your target customers

There’s no wrong answer, but longer content tends to perform better in search engines.

Need 4+ articles per month? Start saving money with our Monthly Memberships

Why choose TextBullet?

Our rate of $0.06 per word is cheaper than 82% of our competitors

Your article will be written by an experienced and highly skilled writer

Our experts can help you find topics and article ideas

Our writers know how to keep your readers engaged

Your article will be in-depth and well researched

Your article will be SEO-friendly

Our control quality team will make sure your article is free from any mistakes

You're free to request an unlimited number of Revisions

Constant and easy communication with a project manager

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Save money with our monthly blog packages.

First, choose how long you’d like your blog posts to be. Then select how many you need.

No hidden fees—simply $0.05 per word. ( + HUGE discounts for bulk orders)


Is there a setup fee?
No. Your monthly fee is the only charge. There are no other fees.

Can I cancel, upgrade or downgrade my package?
Yes. You can cancel your subscription, upgrade or downgrade any time.

Which blog package should I buy?
Purchasing a blog package on TextBullet depends on how many blog posts you need and their length. Let’s say you own one blog and you need it updated only once a week with 800-word posts. In this case, our STARTER package is perfect for you. We will write one high-quality blog post for you each week. 
If you own more than one website or blog, then we recommend larger packages.

Will the content be SEO friendly?
We understand the importance of SEO to your blog/website. Therefore, we make sure the content you receive is keyword optimized, without affecting its high quality. That way, you can turn your small traffic into a lot of customers!

How do we work together in a successful manner?
A project manager is assigned to each of our projects. He will work as a single point of contact, stay with you during the working hours over skype or any other method you prefer. He will give you updates about your project, answer your feedbacks and make sure that your instructions are applied.

May I resell content purchased on TextBullet to a third party?
Absolutely.You may use our content as you wish. We do not set any limits on time, volume, or amount.

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