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Our Process is Easy:

1- Simply click here to see what we have to offer. Then choose the plan that best suits your needs.

2- Now that you are a valued member, a request will be made for the data listed below:

  • Your blog’s URL and your login identification ( If you want us to do the posting for you )
  • The keywords you’d like to use ( if any )
  • Your preferred writing style ( informative and educational / friendly and conversational / promotional … )
  • Preferred voice ( first person, second person, third person )
  • Specific details regarding the topics you would like us to write about
  • Information about your target audience
  • Additional details or special instructions if any…


3- After gathering the relevant information, we will match the most qualified writer to manage your blog regularly.

4- Your blog manager will then perform a research study regarding your industry creating a database of reliable information that is relevant and up to date with your industry.

5- Within 3-4 days your first blog post will be written and ready to post!

Our Monthly Services

1- Research

On a weekly basis, your blog manager will dedicate his talents to find the relevant information that will entertain and engage your reader.

2- Writing

Once the research is successfully completed the writing process will begin, this also includes the addition of appropriate pictures which will tastefully complement your post.

3- Control

TextBullet Control team will then place the post through our rigorous testing process to guarantee quality and originality.

4- Posting

Once the post has passed testing your blog manager enters your blog’s admin account and creates the post. If you prefer to post it yourself, he will simply send it to you over email.

Let us write your blog for you! Get started now