4 Solid Steps To Get The Movers And The Shakers To Promote Your Blog For Free

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4 Solid Steps To Get The Movers And The Shakers To Promote Your Blog For Free

For most bloggers, if not all, writing is the easy part but getting that steady flow of visitors and regular readers of your amazing contents into your site is the tricky part. You must have heard it somewhere, some time ago that you need to spend twice as much time promoting your posts as you do creating them. That’s a fact, because, if you spend valuable time creating great content with no one to read it, it’s sort of a waste of time.


Or looking at it from another angle, you might have done so much trying to promote your blog but all to no avail, you’re not getting the recognition you truly deserve. Then it’s height time you step up your game.


Do you put out well researched and written article on a daily basis? Do you work hard in promoting your blog on social media? Do you want secrets to rapid growth for your blog that only a select few know? Then this post is for you. The strategy for your blog’s potential rapid growth is so simple that you’ll beat yourself up for not knowing about it sooner.


Have you ever heard of blogger outreach? That is where the secret lies. Blogger outreach is more like “influencer marketing”. Often overlooked, but this tried and tested strategy is what most bloggers use to expand their blogs in a short space of time.


How does it work? It’s quite simple. This is basically reaching out to influential bloggers in your niche with the goal of convincing them to promote your blog. Your mission here is putting your content directly in front of the movers and shakers in your niche. This is one strategy that if you do well, can rapidly increase your site traffic and in turn, increase your subscribers.


However this simple strategy demands a little more planning because the reality and success of a blogger outreach is in the strategic planning of your moves, you don’t want to come off too strong or too forward. Below are 4 proven steps to get the movers and shakers of your niche to promote your blog for free.


1- Make Your Hit List:



Make a list of influential/popular blogs in your niche that you would like to build relationships with and whose networks you would like to tap into. Start by creating a simple google or excel spreadsheet and list down top blogs in your niche that you’re familiar with. The sole purpose here is to find out the bloggers behind these blogs, including their contact information, social media accounts included. A simple source for this information is the about page. Usually, if you can get the blogger’s email address that would be all you need to contact them. But if you can’t get that, you might want to consider reaching out to them via their social media accounts to ask how you can get in touch with them.


After you must have added the well-known blogs off the top of your head, you should also conduct some quality research. This is where you add important blogs that you aren’t familiar with to your list.


Tools to help you with Your Research


Quality research heavily relies on using the appropriate tools. The following tools will help you build your blogger outreach hit list.


All top: this is a good way to find blogs that aren’t familiar to you. It’s a list of quality blogs from almost every industry.


Followerwonk: this is slightly different, in the sense that instead of searching for the popular blogs, you search for the influential people behind the blog.


Technorati: this targets quality blogs just like All top.


GOGGLE: This is the most traditional way of searching for top blogs in your niche. Search for the keyword relating to your niche and popular blogs in that niche will spring up.

2- Refine Your Hit List:


Note that you were not supposed to be too choosy in step one. It was all about putting a rough list together. Step 2 is all about separating the bloggers into two or three groups. The essence of this is to know how to approach them. While some can be approached directly, others are not.



And how do you know which blogger belongs in which group? You need to add the following to your spreadsheet;



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  • Social Authority: This is taking note of not only the number of followers the person has but the influence of those followers


  • Domain authority: You can use open site explorer to check a blog’s authority by inputting the homepage URL into the search box. The point here is, the higher the domain authority, the more influence the site has.


  • Comments: A high average number on a blog is a good sign of a tightly-knit community rather than a more authoritative blog with less engagement.


Once you’ve succeeded in grouping your list, the blogs with little to no authority, post interaction, and social media presence should be taken off the list.


3- Make Your Move



Now that you have the perfect list of influential bloggers in your sphere, it’s time to make your moves. Below are simple ways to get their attention;


  • Share their content on a regular basis


  • Respond to their questions on social media


  • Comment on their blog as much as possible


  • Step it up a notch by sending out a complimentary email telling him or her how much you enjoyed reading their blog posts.


  • Point out broken links when you find them on their site; a blogger that is serious about his craft will appreciate it.


  • Offer to help improve a feature or resource on their website. Here’s how this works; offer to add value to their site and this would earn you a lasting relationship as the particular blogger would see you as someone he can benefit from as much as you will benefit from him.


4- It’s Time To Reach Out



Now that you’ve succeeded in slowly warming your way to their heart, it’s time to go straight to the point and hit the nail on the head. It’s time to reach out to your listed bloggers bearing in mind, however, the strategy you use at this point all depends on your desired goal.


Are you looking for a content share for your latest post?


Do you want a guest post opportunity?


Or perhaps a quality backlink to your site?


Emailing them is the best way to ask for any of the above favors, but if you were unable to get their email address, you can send them a message using their blog’s content form. After you must have gotten the email address, construct a compelling email and don’t forget to add your personal touch to help effectively communicate your point with ease.


You can research for guides on how to create a great outreach email tailored to your specific goal. But remember to reflect the following components in your email;


  • Be polite and honest, don’t flatter too much


  • State your purpose clearly and briefly


  • Give them a good enough reason why you contacted them


  • Tell them what they stand to gain from you if they help you


After getting the help you desire from them, keep in mind, however, that it is essential to keep in touch and maintain a cordial relationship from there on. You stand to gain a lot of benefits from a successful blogger outreach; your site traffic spikes like never before and you get to have the recognition you truly deserve. However, there are a few tips to take into consideration before connecting with an influencer.


  • Content is king. Make sure you have something that makes you stand out and different from your competitors


  • Promote them first. That’s a guarantee of getting on their radar plus your approach has to be authentic.


  • Make sure their audience is right for you.


If you follow these simple steps given in this post judiciously, you would be on a path to building one of the most successful blogs in your niche.

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