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Why blog? The Benefits of having a blog on your website.

Fresh content = better rankings

Fresh content is one of the most important benefits of having a blog on your website. The key to a successful blog is making sure that it is kept up to date.  The rule of thumb when it comes to keeping your customers informed of the latest and greatest information available is ensuring that it is presented in a timely manner, usually two to three posts per week.  Not only does it keep them interested and coming back for more, it also benefits your presence on the world wide web.  For example, Google tracks updated content and will increase your rankings, in other words, the more you update the more Google will promote your blog. This type of advertising is invaluable to your business.

New content = New Clients

Among other benefits of having a blog on your website is the ability to reach more potential clients. Whenever you add information to your blog, you are actually increasing the advertising for your company.  That’s the beauty of the web.  Each time new information is posted Google updates your blogs status and sends traffic to relevant searches that are performed.  So updating the information not only keeps current customers coming back, it also generates opportunities for new clientele.  This is because every time a post is made another page is created on your blog.  There is a never ending pool of potential clients waiting for you to impress them with your content and ingenuity, the possibilities are endless!  

New Posts = New Possibilities

When your blog has been set up correctly, the possibility of getting consumers to your site dramatically increases.  Whenever a new post is created in your blog, it is connected to your domain name, this increases the traffic to your site which if you have the right content posted will lead to more sales.  Good business sense dictates that blogging is a necessary not only to improve business but to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

New Possibilities = New Friends

No one can doubt the influence of social media in today’s worlds.  There is not an active page out there that does not have the “Like us on Facebook” button.  This is essential to creating the social following that is necessary for the success of your company’s cyberspace presence.  When consumers like what they are seeing or reading, they will be more likely to click on the Facebook button which helps you get the word out regarding your services.  This, in turn, will generate information about your company on Facebook.  The more information out there the better for you and your company!  

So why doesn’t everyone have a blog ?

Do you have a blog?  If so, please take a second to think about the last time you updated it.  If you have recently made a post was it captivating and engaging or was it an unwanted task that was completed hastily and without much thought?  Maybe you have just decided that it can’t be that important, well TextBullet has explained how blogging can help your business. We understand that writing can be challenging and time-consuming, that’s why we are here!

“I Can’t Write Quality Content.”

Writing quality content can be challenging, keeping consumers coming back repeatedly means posting relevant information that is important to the reader and shares valuable information that connect them to your business.  It’s more than just getting them to click, you want them to click and stay not click and run away!

“I Despise Writing.”

Don’t feel bad you are not alone!  The truth is that there are not too many people who get pleasure from the art of writing (and it is an art), it’s only natural to avoid something that does not bring joy in creating.  Write Collective has talented writers standing at the ready to create excellent content for your posts.

“There Are Not Enough Hours in the Day!”

Your time is valuable and writing takes time.  Especially when your goal is to create dynamic content designed to build your “following”.  Keeping up with the two posts per week will take up a large amount of time you can be spending concentrating on other important aspects of your business.

TextBullet Makes It Simple and Painless!

TextBullet writers provide an all-in-one solution to all of your blogging needs.  They will maintain your site with postings that reflect what’s hot and what’s not, offering the originality of work that only true writers can produce.  If you take advantage of the “Social Bullet” add-on, we will make sure that three most popular social networking sites are updated to increase traffic and your satisfaction with our excellent services.

Let us write your blog for you. Check our plans and pricing